What constitutes Holistic Emotive Practices?
The most basic form of Holistic Emotive Practices is the simple speaking of a word. Not just any word, but a word specifically chosen for its inherent emotional properties so that it may work toward altering your mood in some beneficial way.

In addition to the spoken word, the practices includes the sub-vocalization of words, or silently saying words to yourself. A third component consists of certain ways of breathing, based upon the sounds of the chosen word.

The final piece of the mechanics of Holistic Emotive Practices involves thought processes. Itís the thinking part of the practices that makes them holistic. If you select the sounds and words to emote in a rational manner based on how you feel and the known emotional impact of the word, you engage both your rational and emotional selves, both your left brain and right brain. This higher level thinking component differentiates Holistic Emotive Practices from other practices of repeating words or mantras in a traditional emotional way.

The Goal of Holistic Emotive Practices
Holistic Emotive Practices works by taking you from a mood or feeling that you find undesirable into a mood or feeling that you find harmonious with your situation. To accomplish this you must choose a mantra that begins with a sound that matches your current negative mood and ends with a sound that corresponds to the desired feeling. It may take several intermediate letters/sounds/feelings to accomplish this.
Maintaining Emotional Balance
with Holistic Emotive Practices
When used in everyday situations, Holistic Emotive Practices can help you maintain emotional balance in our complex and demanding society. You can use them when you are frustrated to help you clear your mind and see things in a fresh light. You can use them when you are tired and stressed to give yourself a break from your worries and refresh your mind. When you need mental control and confidence Holistic Emotive Practices can help you gain a secure feeling. In countless settings a small dose of the practices can act like a rudder and steer your emotions back onto a course of equanimity.
Attaining Spiritual Growth
with Holistic Emotive Practices
When used in a meditative setting, Holistic Emotive Practices can keep your meditation practices on track and enhance spiritual growth. By choosing the correct words you can keep your mind centered when distractions interfere with your contemplative state. The proper words can also help you transcend the feeling of self and achieve that sought after feeling of spiritual unity with a force and power beyond comprehension.